asphalt Shingle Roofing

With your roof being the first line of defense for your home against the elements, have it protected with a roof system that is guaranteed to last. P&P Roofing is your trusted Halifax roofing contractor, we guarantee to provide a seamless re-roofing service with little to no disruption to your lifestyle. The process begins with removal of all your old roofing materials and a thorough inspection of your roofs sheathing, flashing and all key structural components and penetrations to ensure the integrity of your roof will not be compromised for years to come. We then finish the waterproofing and installation of the roof using only the highest quality products and offering industry leading product warranties. Using these tried and true methods we feel confident when we offer a workmanship guarantee that cannot be beat.

Trust P&P Roofing, the professional Halifax roofing contractors.

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Metal roofing


Ever noticed how more and more people are switching from a traditional shingle roofing system to a metal roof? Well if you have it's no surprise, metal roofing is becoming an ever more popular option for many home owners across the province with a large portion of the growth for metal roof systems taking place in Halifax. 

If you aren't aware of some of the benefits they include:

- life expectancy of 50+ years

- a variety of styles to fit your home

- fire resistant

- energy efficient

With new light weight technology there are no problems with them stressing the integrity of your roof or home.

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