Snow removal services

Thank you for your interest in Pelzer & Picano snow removal. We are a close knit team of professionals whose mission is to make winter as easy for you as possible. We offer a variety of snow removal services and competitively priced plans. From single visits to seasonal contracts, our snow removal solutions are tailored to your personal needs.

residential snow removal

Single Service

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Don't want to break the bank but need the snow removed? Our single service is  the option for you!

Monthly Service

roof roofing halifax roofer HRM

We all know some months can be worse than others for snow, if you don't mind the occasional shoveling but want us to handle the worst of it, we'd be happy to help.

Seasonal Service

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Rest easy knowing you'll never have to shovel all year, with seasonal service we will handle every snow event so you'll never be inconvenienced by winter!

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Simply fill out the form above and one our our estimators will be in touch to book a free and convenient consultation. 

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